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Thursday-Sunday, Sep 06, 2018 - Sep 09, 2018 (11:45 AM. -- 11:45 AM.)
Lakeport, California: Lamspon Field (K1o2)
Clear Lake Splash In
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39th Annual Seaplane event. Ramp leads from lake to grass high school field. Gas and dock space available to straight float aircraft. Shuttle running to Lampson Field, 2 miles away.

Airport Information:
Lamspon Field (K1o2)
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Contact - Tod Dickey

Phone - 602 525-5916

Website - www.clearlakesplashin.com

Email - Send an e-mail

Clear Lake Splash In

Lamspon Field (K1o2)

875 Lakepoert Blvd

Lakeport, California 95453