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Saturday, Oct 07, 2017 (9:00 AM. -- 11:30 PM.)
Lititz, Pennsylvania: Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Presentation
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Helicopter Safety—In and Around Them! This seminar will begin with a brief overview of the aerodynamics, construction, and operation of helicopters. Then we will focus on their potential hazards to others, including vortices affecting airplanes and dangers to persons when on the ground. To register for the breakfast and presentation visit FAASTeam Presenter: John Sibole, FAASTeam Program Manager

Airport Information:
Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
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Contact - Kim Huber

Phone - 717-569-1221

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Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Presentation

Lancaster Airport (KLNS)

500 Airport Road

Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543