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Saturday, Jun 10, 2017 (9:00 AM. -- 2:00 PM.)
California, Missouri: Phillips Field, California, MO (MO23)
Cal-Mo Flying Club Fly-In & Pig Roast
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Get ready to fly or drive to Phillips Field, MO23, near California, MO, for our annual grass strip Fly-in & Pig Roast! Cal-MO Flying Club invites EAA Chap. 429 and anyone interested in aviation to attend. We will provide lots of pulled pork and other food. We’ll have a donation can to raise funds for our nonprofit club. Bring a side dish if you can, and contact Cal-MO President Robert Helms at or at 573-434-0075 to coordinate the food. We’ll provide plates, plasticware, cups, tea and lemonade. Bring your own tie-downs and chairs, please. Come out about 9 or 10 AM! We’ll again have kiddie planes and toy planes for hands-on play, and we’ll do the “Pilot Tour” of all planes and pilots before lunch to get everyone in. Bring the kids!

Airport Information:
Phillips Field, California, MO (MO23)
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Contact - Robert Helms

Phone - 573-434-0075

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Cal-Mo Flying Club Fly-In & Pig Roast

Phillips Field, California, MO (MO23)

Airport Road

California, Missouri 65018