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Saturday, Jun 03, 2017 (8:00 AM. -- 3:00 PM.)
Ashland, Oregon: Sumner-Fitchner Field (S03)
City of Ashland Airport Appreciation Day
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Opportunities to sit inside planes, ride in planes, fly in helicopters! SmokeJumpers Skydivers Kids Activities (Scienceworks, Bouncy Houses and More) FOOD TRUCKS! Radio Controlled Plane Exhibition Flying Drones Custom Cars Airplanes & Jets Up-Close Helicopter Rescue Demonstrations

Airport Information:
Sumner-Fitchner Field (S03)
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Contact - Bob Skinner, Skinner Aviation

Phone - 5414827675

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City Of Ashland Airport Appreciation Day

Sumner-Fitchner Field (S03)

403 Dead Indian Memorial Road

Ashland, Oregon 97520