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Saturday, Feb 01, 2020 (9:00 AM. -- 11:30 AM.)
Lititz, Pennsylvania: Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Presentation
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Breakfast 9-10:30 Adults $8. Presentation 10:30-11:30 FREE. Topic: Pinch Hitter-Pilot incapacitation can and does happen. Although we think of this in regard to older pilots, it can happen to a pilot of any age. At this WINGS-credit seminar, our speaker, who is both a physician and a Flight Instructor, will inform us about ways in which a pilot can become incapacitated. Then we’ll discuss the practical aspects of training a pinch-hitter—someone who is not a certificated pilot but who could take over and land the airplane safely. Registration limited to 80. Register online at:

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Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
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Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Presentation

Lancaster Airport (KLNS)

500 Airport Road

Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543