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Wednesday, Jan 01, 2020 (12:00 PM. -- 4:00 PM.)
Smoketown, Pennsylvania: Smoketown Airport (S37)
New Years Day Fly-Out with Keystone Flight
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Join Keystone Flight out of N94 (Carlisle, PA). Fly in to S37 (Smoketown Airport) and go to Joni's 340 Diner. She will be open 'JUST FOR ALL OF US. If you don't want to fly from N94 (Carlisle) just Everyone rally at the Smoketown FBO at 1200

Airport Information:
Smoketown Airport (S37)
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Contact - Mike Marra

Phone - 717-448-5295

Website - https://www.jonis340diner.com/

Email - Send an e-mail

New Years Day Fly-Out With Keystone Flight

Smoketown Airport (S37)


Smoketown, Pennsylvania 17576