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Saturday, Nov 02, 2019 (9:00 AM. -- 11:30 PM.)
Lititz, Pennsylvania: Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Presentation
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Breakfast 9-10:30.Adults $80. Presentation 10:30-11:30 FREE. Night flying can be some of the most enjoyable aviating that we do. The air is smoother, aircraft performance is better, and the sights can be breathtaking. But there are added risks, including loss of control and CFIT. This FAASTeam Seminar will address how to mitigate those risks by preparing the pilot and the aircraft for night flight.

Airport Information:
Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
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Phone - 7175691221

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Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Presentation

Lancaster Airport (KLNS)

500 Airport Road

Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543