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Saturday, Jun 08, 2019 (7:00 AM. -- 11:00 AM.)
Lewistown, Montana: Lewistown Municipal Airport (KLWT)
Lewistown Municipal Airport fly in and pancake and sausage breakfast
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Join us for our annual fly in and pancake and sausage breakfast at Lewistown Municipal Airport, sponsored by the Central Hangar of the Montana Pilots Association. Multiple types of aircraft including a nice contingency of Super Cubs and other back-country aircraft. Young Eagles rides, displays and good food, what more could you want!

Airport Information:
Lewistown Municipal Airport (KLWT)
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Contact - Donald Hartrich

Phone - 406-366-5086

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Lewistown Municipal Airport Fly In And Pancake And Sausage Breakfast

Lewistown Municipal Airport (KLWT)

Lewistown, Montana 59457