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Saturday, Mar 09, 2019 (10:00 AM. -- 12:00 PM.)
East Windsor, Connecticut: Skylark Airpark (7B6)
Safety Seminar - ADS-B and the Birds and the Bees!
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Qualifies for FAA WINGS Master Knowledge Topic 2 Credit Please register in advance at We will have a quick update on ADS-B, and then a guided discussion on the upcoming spring flying season. It may not seem like it, but spring is right around the corner! (at least this is what we keep telling ourselves as we shovel the white stuff on the ground). These upcoming months are the time of the year where we are all so excited to finally get that plane out of the hangar and get out flying! Maybe take that flying trip we have been thinking about all winter! Statistically for our area, this is also the time of the year that flight instructors have learned to call "silly season". Every spring in New England, we suddenly see a dramatic increase in airplanes exiting runways and going on exciting and unplanned off-roading adventures, or bounced landings where pilots get their landing currency "all at once". Airplanes get bent, and pilot's hearts get broken. Please join us as we discuss and share our experiences for the upcoming spring flying season...from birds, bees, and wildlife thunderstorms, gusty winds, and "rusty"pilots! Donuts and Coffee at 9:00am! Seminar begins at 10:00 Sponsored by EAA Chapter 1310

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Skylark Airpark (7B6)
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Contact - Jack Hilditch

Phone - 860-281-1310

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Safety Seminar - ADS-B And The Birds And The Bees!

Skylark Airpark (7B6)

54 Wells Road

East Windsor, Connecticut 06016