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Saturday, Mar 02, 2019 (9:00 AM. -- 11:30 PM.)
Lititz, Pennsylvania: Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast and Presentation
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Breakfast 9-10:30. Adults $7, Children 6-12 $3. 5 and under FREE. Presentation-FREE and begins at 10:30. "A Tale of Two Technologies." Aerospace engineer, Jerry Lockenour, will tell us about two emerging engineering technologies--Electric Propulsion and State-of-Art High Speed flight, and the safety challenges involved in implementing them in aviation.

Airport Information:
Lancaster Airport (KLNS)
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Contact - Lancaster Airport Authority Kim Huber

Phone - 7175691221

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Lancaster Airport Fly-in Breakfast And Presentation

Lancaster Airport (KLNS)

500 Airport Rd.

Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543