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Saturday, Nov 03, 2018 (8:00 AM. -- 1:00 PM.)
Greenville, Texas: Greenville, TX Municipal Airport (KGVT)
Majors Field Fly In and Pancake Breakfast
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8 AM to 1PM A number of war birds and vintage aircraft will be on display Family Friendly Discounted Aviation Fuel War Bird rides for sale Free tickets to win prizes Special Hotel Discounts for fly in visitors

Airport Information:
Greenville, TX Municipal Airport (KGVT)
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Contact - Ty Helton

Phone - 903-457-3168

Website - Majors Field Fly In and Pancake Breakfast

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Majors Field Fly In And Pancake Breakfast

Greenville, TX Municipal Airport (KGVT)

101 Majors Rd.

Greenville, Texas 75401