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Saturday, Jul 07, 2018 (8:00 AM. -- 4:00 PM.)
Mansfield, Ohio: Mansfield Lahm Airport (MFD)
Mansfield Airport day
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A great one day fly in, this years activities celebrate the 70th anniversary of our 179th airlift wing base. Events include both military and civilian aircraft displays,Young eagles flights, Historical exhibits, Pancake breakfast, Car show, and a Peddlers market place. Fly in info APP 124.2, TWR 119.8, GND 121.8, KMFD ATIS 125.3

Airport Information:
Mansfield Lahm Airport (MFD)
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Contact - Jeff Angelini

Phone - 4192952478

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Mansfield Airport Day

Mansfield Lahm Airport (MFD)

2000 Harrington Memorial Road

Mansfield, Ohio 44903