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Saturday, Jul 07, 2018 (7:00 AM. -- 6:00 PM.)
Tarkio, Missouri: Gould Peterson Memorial Airport (K57)
2018 Wingnuts Flying Circus Fly-in
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You are invited to the 2018 Wingnuts Flying Circus Fly-in which will take place at Gould Peterson Memorial Airport (K57) on July 7, 2018 in Tarkio, Missouri. To be clear, this is an old fashion fly-in hosted by local EAA Chapter 1405 and will not include an airshow or aviation town hall. Regardless, we hope you will join us for what should be a great time. The fly-in will provide participants with an opportunity to tour the local EAA Chapter 1405 hangar, the airport tower and deck and view what should be a cool collection of local and fly-in planes. Lunch will be offered for $5 and free for fly-in pilots. As usual, you can expect a lively party later in the day. All are welcome to attend.

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Gould Peterson Memorial Airport (K57)
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2018 Wingnuts Flying Circus Fly-in

Gould Peterson Memorial Airport (K57)


Tarkio, Missouri 64491